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Park Jiyeon, Zinni, Dahee, Miso

Anonymous said: I just discovered the girls and am so sad they don't have more songs! Do you know of any shows or things they have done that I should watch with English subtitles to get to know them?

Welcome to the fandom, anon! I’m glad they caught your attention :>

I would highly recommend beginning with their rookie show (the first few episodes have been subbed by the wonderful glamorousgirlz team here), although more so for their many covers than their personalities - that show was really scripted.

The girls haven’t really been on too many variety shows either, which is really a pity, considering how ridic they can get when put in front of a camera. If you want a small glimpse into that, glamorousgirlz has subbed a few of their variety appearances. Jiyeon and Zinni were also on Quiz To Change the World and Beatles Code once, and Zinni did a stint on All The Kpop, but I think that’s about it.

You might want to just watch the GLAM on air videos on their official channel for some lovely clips of them being gorgeous and silly and whatnot. There really isn’t much material on them anon, I’ll be honest. :c

Hopefully, we’ll get to see them a lot more with their next comeback! (Which is supposed to be soon…..but who knows at this point.)

(Also: I would recommend watching Monstar, not for the nonexistent plot but for the awesomeness that was Dahee acting as Kim Nana.)

Hope that helped you a little, anon!

the adventures of jiyeon and dahee in 양양

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piinkshoujo said: I'm waiting for glam to be active again so we have new material! ^_^

Same here! I wish that I could put more stuff up, but I really don’t have much to work with atm.

I think there’s a comeback in the works though, so hopefully GWA will be active again soon~

ziyacos said: this blog is perfect ♥ never ever stop.

Thank you so much! I’ll try my best, but with the dearth of new GLAM material…

Anonymous said: There's a lot of gifs.. Please More pics :x? Your blog is perfect >.< thank u

Ah, yeah, about that. I’m much more of a gif-maker than I am an editor, so there aren’t really that many edits here on GWA. Sorry about that!

And thank you for the compliment. :>

Anonymous said: your blog is really nice and pretty, please keep up the good work ~

Thank you so much for saying so! I’ll try my best, heh. (:

Anonymous said: I love your tumblr. It's like a that's dedicated to GLAM and I just can't with these feels. I love you. T_T

Awwwww, thank you so much! I wish that I had more GLAM material to work with to be more active, but I’m glad to hear that what I’ve managed to do so far is still feels-inducing. :3